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Why Join?

Everyone has his or her own reasons for joining any group. Below are are some reasons why you, the GPR professional, might choose to become a member of the GPR Consortium.

Benefits of Membership in the GPR Consortium

Learning Center

Learn through articles, videos, and other media that are either directly or indirectly related to GPR. These posts are a combination of glossary terms, practical how-to articles, radargram examples, white papers, etc. The Learning Center is populated mostly by Consortium members, so it is starting out very small and will grow over time. You, the member, will determine how quickly it will grow.


“No man is an island.” Truer words concerning business have ever been spoken. The GPR professional who wants to better himself, increase his skills, and grow his organization will be best served by tapping into the amazing resource that is the international GPR Consortium network. Who knows, the key to mastering that elusive “key” skill may be found in connecting with a GPR professional on the other side of the world whom you will never meet face-to-face.

Member Map

At the end of the day, you want more customers and more visibility. The traffic, size, and [soon-to-come] digital marketing efforts of the GPR Consortium will bring customers to the website who are looking for a GPR service provider. The first thing these prospective customers see is a map showing the location and contact information of all Consortium members, worldwide. You want to be on that map.


When you need to sell equipment, the Classifieds section points directly to your target audience. Bringing on a new piece of equipment is costly. Buying used from a Consortium member reduces your financial stress and gives some peace of mind in knowing more about the person from whom you are buying. If you are looking for a new position or need to fill a position, the Consortium Classifieds is your best bet. Full access to the Classifieds is included in a Premium or Marketing membership.

Industry Relations

Those companies that cater to GPR professionals can interact directly with a concentrated group of their target audience. GPR professionals who want to compare options can easily do so with numerous vendors vying for their attention through the website’s Forum, Learning Center, Negotiated Discounts, Consortium Emails, Classifieds, and ads.


Are you new to GPR? Learn from experienced practitioners who have a wealth of knowledge. Similarly, GPR veterans can collaborate with peers from around the world on improved methodologies and new technology. This is the place where we talk, debate, educate, vent (civilly), clarify, train, discuss, question, and elaborate. The Forum is where we establish who we are, what we think, what we want, what we reject, and what we will become as an international GPR community.

“No one of us knows more than all of us!”


Members have shown a lot of interest in various types of GPR certifications, industry standards that everyone can support, and universally best practices. What technologies and features are the manufacturers ignoring that they should be improving? Love it or hate it, these topics are discussed in the Consortium. Join, to make your voice heard and ensure the industry is going aright.

Member Pages

Those with a Marketing Membership will create a webpage hosted on the Consortium website for their organization. This customer-facing webpage is customizable and benefits from the large internet traffic footprint of the GPR Consortium website. This is an inexpensive way to drive more traffic to your business’ full website. Alternately, a Member Page would allow you to avoid the complexities and numerous fees inherent in owning and maintain your own stand-alone website.

Negotiated Discounts

The GPR Consortium has secured discounts from suppliers of products, services, and equipment that help you, the GPR professional, to do your work and do it well. Over time, as the Consortium grows, more discounts will become available. Be sure to communicate what discounts you would like to see and go ahead and ask vendors if they would extend a special offer for our international membership.

Member directory

When you have a customer with a large project far away, the Member Directory will be your key to establishing a relationship with a local GPR professional with whom you can work to meet your customer’s needs. Visible contact information on the directory can be customized by each member.

Consortium emails

Easily communicate privately with other members of the Consortium through an email system hosted on the GPR Consortium website. These emails are saved on the Consortium’s servers rather than on those owned by your company, Google, or Yahoo.


Customer-facing banner ad space is available immediately above the Member Map and at the bottom of the Home Page. You will work with the award-winning digital marketing firm used by the GPR Consortium to design your ads and take full advantage of your marketing budget.

I like the thought and initiative behind this consortium. The GPR industry is filled with talent beyond my comprehension, the idea of bringing that talent together for collaboration is commendable. The GPR industry will be advanced both in quality and stature due to ideas of ingenuity such as this.

Tyler Zachman, United States

The GPR consortium is a great initiative and will be an ideal place to bring GPR professionals together to discuss and improve GPR scanning practices. The GPR industry has increased rapidly over my career and there is little in the way of a collaboration hub or agreed-upon international standards that a lot of other industries have. The GPR Consortium seeks to change this and improve our industry for the better. I am excited to get to know more members of the industry and help shape it through the GPR consortium.

Andy Kitson, United Kingdom