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    We, your end-users, would like to take this opportunity to share some helpful feedback. We promise not to rant, attack your company, or be rude in any way. We share this feedback in order to better help you.

    We would also like to thank you for your contributions to the industry.

    Your Customers



    I love many things about the UtilityScan 350HS! I love how portable it is, I love the data quality, I love how rugged it is, I love how reliable the connection is between the tablet and the antenna, I LOVE the Zebra tablet that comes with it now, I love that everything about it is reliable and I NEVER wonder if it’s going to work. It’s just a dependable piece of equipment.

    However, I do not love the following things:
    –The rough terrain cart is heavy, has a super long wheelbase, and the angle of the handle is less-than-ideal. All of these things make it a bit of a workout to push around for a day, especially when completing one transect and turning 180-degrees to start another.
    –The wheels that it comes with are so small that we NEVER use them. Since we often transition between paved and unpaved surfaces, we just keep them off since they’re completely useless on grass, rough gravel, etc.
    –Maybe I have tiny little hands, but the diameter of the rough terrain cart handle is big enough that it hurts my hands after very long. Frustratingly, the handles on the UtilityScan antenna are AWESOME!!! Any chance you could use those same Schwinn handle grips when you eventually (soon-ish?) redesign your rough terrain cart?
    –A live tomography view on the tablet would be pretty spiffy.
    –When it’s cold, or even kind of cool, the battery doesn’t like to come out very easily. In fact, I almost always have to wack the top of the batter case to get it to pop out in the winter. When it’s truly cold and fingers are sensitive, this can be somewhat annoying.

    Thanks for making such a fantastic piece of equipment!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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