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I love your 4Lite antenna! It is lightweight, rugged, has a fantastically short wheelbase and huge wheels which make pushing and turning it an absolute dream. It’s obvious that you actually considered what fieldwork is like when you designed the hardware. The software is super-duper awesome with more features than I can shake a stick at, and the telescopic handle means that my 6’4″ and 5’9″ employees can comfortably use it for hours. The dual frequencies are REALLY nice to have while utility locating. I like the colored speed indicator at the bottom of the screen. I like that I can use any Windows-based laptop in case something happens to the Panasonic Toughbook that it comes with. I love how crisp and clear the data is! I love how bright the screen is so that I can actually use it in bright sunlight.

Here are some things that I don’t love:
–It is very awkward to get in and out of our van since it doesn’t have any kind of locking frame. There are no obvious points from which to lift it and if you do it in the wrong place to find out in a hurry that you’re doing it wrong.
–The wires and cords are a bit obnoxious. It takes a lot of care to make sure that I don’t pinch the ethernet cable either during assembly or disassembly.
–The telescopic handles could use some refinement in their machining to make sure that they are not occasionally frustrating to assemble.
–I wish the dual frequencies could be displayed on a split-screen so that I could see them both at the same time.
–“…system in overrun…” is an error message that I receive SO frequently that I might need professional counseling to cope properly. I don’t perform my transects too fast, but at the end when I’m turning 180 degrees to do another pass the 4Lite FREQUENTLY goes into overrun, at which point I have to exit out and restart. THIS IS QUITE FRUSTRATING!

Thank you for making such a fantastic piece of equipment!