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Why join the GPR Consortium?


GPR Veterans can collaborate on complicated issues with experienced peers from around the world.
New practitioners can benefit from the wealth of information that more experienced users have gained, thus advancing the rate of proficiency within the industry.
The Forum will be constantly growing with content that is both fresh and relevant.

Learning Center

Videos, articles, and pictures on topics that concern GPR professionals. Some will be basic, some will be less-than-basic.
After a member goes through some Learning Center content, he will be comfortable in speaking intelligibly on that topic. With few exceptions, these posts will be short enough to consume in 5-10 minutes.
The Learning Center is designed to effectively and efficiently give you the information you need to do your work well.


Buy or sell used equipment with no additional listing fees (unlike eBay).
Companies searching for a GPR professional can, with no additional listing fees, advertise openings directly to their target audience (unlike Craigslist).
The Classifieds will be the first place you look when considering an addition to your inventory or your staff.

I like the thought and initiative behind this consortium. The GPR industry is filled with talent beyond my comprehension, the idea of bringing that talent together for collaboration is commendable. The GPR industry will be advanced both in quality and stature due to ideas of ingenuity such as this.

Tyler Zachman, United States

The GPR consortium is a great initiative and will be an ideal place to bring GPR professionals together to discuss and improve GPR scanning practices. The GPR industry has increased rapidly over my career and there is little in the way of a collaboration hub or agreed-upon international standards that a lot of other industries have. The GPR Consortium seeks to change this and improve our industry for the better. I am excited to get to know more members of the industry and help shape it through the GPR consortium.

Andy Kitson, United Kingdom